Tom Zhu was promoted to second in command at Tesla

 Musk and Zhu

His promotion was disclosed by Reuters after the news agency reviewed an internal posting of reporting lines, with two people familiar with the organizational chart confirming the change. Tesla Global Vice President and General Manager for the Greater China Region Tom Zhu has been appointed to oversee Tesla assembly plants in the US and sales operations in North America and Europe. Tom Zhu title of vice president of Greater China remains unchanged, and he will assume additional responsibilities in his current role.

As it stands now, Tesla's managers in China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand will continue to report to Zhu. The Tesla managers that will now be reporting to Zhu include:

Jason Shawhan, Director of Manufacturing, Texas Giga factory
Hrushikesh Sagar, senior director of manufacturing at Tesla's Fremont facility
Joe Ward, vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa
Troy Jones, Vice President, North American Sales and Service
No news on the Berlin plant

In his current role, he would be the second most important person after Elon Musk, who now has responsibility for Tesla's automotive division.

About Tom Zhu

Tom Zhu is quickly becoming one of the most discussed topics on the Internet about Tesla at the moment. There are many people looking for him to get information about his biography. We found out after collecting relevant information that Tom Zhu is both a business owner and an investor. After Elon Musk, he is the most recognizable executive of Tesla in the company. In addition to this, he is Vice President and Managing Director of Kable Engineering Group and Tesla China.

Tom Zhu received his bachelor's degree from Auckland University of Technology and his MBA from Duke University in 2004 and started his career shortly after completing his studies; this is what he mentioned when talking about his career. At the beginning of his career, he ran a project management consulting firm. Then, in 2014, he started working for Tesla.

He was known for his humble living conditions, as he lived in a government-subsidized apartment near the Shanghai Giga factory. Zhu was one of the first employees to start sleeping at the factory so that the Giga Shanghai production schedule could run more efficiently, even though his apartment is only a 10-minute drive from Shanghai Giga factory.

Reports indicate that he was born in China, but it has not been confirmed whether he still has Chinese citizenship, as he also has a New Zealand passport.

However, he is very protective of the privacy of his family life and makes every effort to avoid media scrutiny. The same can be said about his brothers or sisters; very little is known about them. In addition, he does not interact with others on any social media sites. Therefore, information about his parents and other family members is not currently available.

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