Three price hikes a week, Tesla China announces another 2,000 RMB increase for Model Y!

On February 16, U.S. time, according to the latest news on Tesla China's website, the domestic Tesla Model Y long range and performance have increased in price by 2,000 RMB respectively, where the Model Y long range is now priced at 311,900 RMB and the Model Y high performance is now priced at 361,900 RMB.

And just on February 9, according to the Tesla China website, the Model Y rear-wheel drive version increased its price by $2,000 to RMB 261,900, and the expected delivery time is now 2-5 weeks, while the price of the remaining models has not yet changed.

On Feb. 11, Tesla's U.S. website showed that the Model Y Performance Edition price was raised again by $500 to $58,490,000, with no change in the long-range price. It is understood that earlier this month in the U.S. mainland has increased the Model Y long-range version by $ 1,500 to $ 54,990, and the high-performance version by $ 1,000 to $ 57,990.

Previously, on January 6, the entire domestic Tesla price was reduced, with the Model Y starting price dropping to RMB 259,900, with price reductions ranging from RMB 29,000 to RMB 48,000 for each version, setting a new all-time low.

Why has the Model Y seen a price rebound in just over a month of price cuts? The main reason is that this model has become the "main force" of Tesla's sales volume because of the surge in orders after the price cut.

From Tesla's delivery cycle, Model Y was 1 to 4 weeks before, and now it has become 2 to 5 weeks, while Model 3 is still 1 to 4 weeks, which means that the order increase of Model Y is the biggest.

And this round of price increases actually started in the U.S. On February 4, Tesla's U.S. website showed that the Model Y long-range price was increased by $1,500 to $54,999,000, while the high-performance was increased by $1,000 to $57,999,000.

Tesla's Model Y has been the "best-selling vehicle of the year" in markets such as the United States and Europe. Data firm MotorIntelligence reports that Model Y sales in the U.S. will be 252,000 units in 2022, up 32.4 percent from 2021, ranking sixth in the U.S. auto market.

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows that for the full year 2022, 35,551 Model Y units were sold in the UK, ranking third on the UK car bestseller list.


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