The World's Most Popular Models Were Announced: Tesla Model Y Took The Top Spot

June was a record month for new energy vehicles, according to Clean Technica, with pure-electric models reaching a 12 percent global share and plug-in vehicles having a 16 percent market share.

The Model Y, Tesla's crossover sport-utility electric vehicle that launched in March 2019 and began deliveries the following year, replaced its predecessor, the Model 3, as Tesla's best-selling model in some markets shortly after its launch.

In June, the Tesla Model Y was the world's top-selling electric car and Tesla's best-selling model.

Tesla delivered 97,950 Model Ys to consumers worldwide in June, far more than any other model in the electric car category. Second only to the Model Y is the Tesla Model 3, an electric car that began deliveries more than two years before the Model Y, with 53,768 units delivered in June.

The data from the foreign media also shows that in June this year, the world's electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles, a total of 913,500 units delivered, Tesla Model Y, accounted for 10.7% of them. Including the Model 3's 5.9 percent, Tesla's two best-selling electric cars accounted for 16.6 percent of that total.

With the steady increase in production capacity from the Berlin Superplant and the Texas Superplant coming on line, coupled with the continued increase in capacity at the Shanghai Superplant, Tesla Model Y production will be even higher in the future, and so will deliveries.

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John Murphy is the founder of TOPCARS Tesla Aftermarket Accessories, as well as an investor in Tesla and owner of the Model Y. He posts about Tesla news while running the site on a daily basis.

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