The Website of Tesla China is down now without acces,showroom is exploded with customers in

After Tesla announced on January 5 that it was launching a full price cut for its domestic cars sold in the Chinese market, the Tesla China website went down due to the large number of orders. The store is crowded as customers come to order cars.

The news of Tesla's price cut was a heavy bomb not only for the market, but even its own employees were not informed beforehand.

Tesla store
This morning at 11am, the reporter arrived at the Beijing Tesla store, which already had several consumers inquiring about the situation or test driving. A red Model Y and a blue Model 3 were set up in the store.

A salesperson introduced to the reporter that the Model Y is currently selling better, mainly because of the recent price reduction, and this round of price reduction, the Model Y long range version is also the most reduced price.

Tesla Model Y
" We also only learned of the price reduction this morning, the morning to the store to order a car customers obviously increased a lot." Tesla Beijing store service staff's expression, can be guessed that Tesla in the terminal store price reduction notice has not been leaked, so after the announcement of the price reduction news, Tesla store immediately appeared crowded scene, and directly pull the order to enhance.

In addition, it was reported that the delivery cycle of the new car was further shortened to 1 to 4 weeks. While the reporter was inquiring, the store had consumers coming in one after another to inquire or order cars, and almost all of them were young people. Chen Gang is one of them, he has been concerned about the Tesla Model Y for a long time, for Model Y data are very familiar, yesterday morning after learning of the price reduction, today can not wait to bring his girlfriend to the store ready to order a car, "this price can be said to be very cost-effective, I did not expect the price reduction will be so much, originally also considered a long time, so Today is ready to order a car." Chen just said.

Tesla Model 3
Like Chen Gang such consumers are not a few. According to reports, this morning the Tesla store orders have increased significantly, the store has sales staff this morning has sold 8 Tesla.

In the context of China's new energy vehicle subsidies have just withdrawn from the historical stage, Chinese electric car companies collectively increase prices, Tesla at this sensitive moment to significantly reduce the selling price, is bound to instantly detonate the market. After all, this price cut, whether Tesla has been planning for a long time or a temporary intention, it is certain that, in the face of many Chinese new energy brands to catch up with Tesla, to move in the Chinese market to the real thing.

After Tesla's price cut, the Model 3 price entered the 200,000-300,000 RMB range, which will have a big impact on BYD, Azera, Xiaopeng and other electric car brands in the same market segment, and some car companies may also follow the price cut.

As a result of this news, the share prices of electric car companies in Hong Kong dived collectively in the afternoon of January 5. As of press time, ideal car fell more than 5%, Xiaopeng car fell more than 4%, Weilai fell more than 3%, zero running car fell more than 3%.

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