Tesla's Website Is Again Hiring Technical Service Personnel Related To The Semi Electric Truck

In November 2017, Tesla unveiled its electric truck Semi, which has since been delayed several times in production and launch over the past five years. On August 10 of this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on social media sites that deliveries of Tesla's 500-mile version of the Semi truck will begin this year.

According to Electrek today, Tesla's website recently posted a new job posting for a technical service person for the electric truck Semi. Last year, Tesla recruited technical service personnel for its Semi Service Program. Tesla's "Semi Service Program" is said to mean that Tesla will provide home service for Semi electric truck users.

In the job posting, Tesla listed five locations where it needs Semi electric truck technical service personnel, which means that Tesla may be the first to launch Semi electric trucks in these areas, namely Fremont (Fremont), Sacramento (Sacramento), Modesto (Modesto), Central Valley (Central Valley), and Nevada. Central Valley, and Reno, Nevada.

Specifically, the technical service staff for the Electric Truck Semi will work with the vehicle's development team to provide product feedback; provide technical support for the Tesla Semi fleet that will transport freight between Tesla facilities; provide repair services for the customer's Semi electric truck; create and maintain repair guides for use by users; work with the customer's technicians in the customer's shop ; provide support to the Tesla Service Center as needed.

TOPCARS has learned that Tesla's website was updated with images of the electric truck Semi in late August. The updated images confirm that the Semi will have a centered steering wheel and a display panel on each side.

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