Tesla's U.S. Market Share Plummeting In 2025?

In June, Tesla began to launch a large wave of massive layoffs, Tesla's self-driving assisted driving department was laid off nearly 200 employees, and before that according to Musk's internal emails said he had "groovy feelings" about the economy, so no longer allow employees to work remotely, and no less than 40 hours a week!

In addition to layoffs, as Tesla's major factories production schedule frequently blocked, analysts predict that Tesla's deliveries are expected to be as low as 250,000 units, which is not only lower than the 31,048 units Tesla created in the first quarter of this year, but will also be the first time since the first quarter of 2020 that Tesla's deliveries have declined sequentially.

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Stock market performance, Tesla fell 1.8% on Thursday, the quarter's cumulative decline of 38%, the worst single quarter performance ever, plus, this year, the United States serious inflation, the Federal Reserve rate hikes continue to increase, more and more economists predict the "recession" is coming, inflationary pressure Tesla electric car prices continue to rise, in the expansion of production capacity, occupy more of the market plan will be temporarily put on hold.

Based on a variety of factors, U.S. analysts said that Tesla may be like the "bicycle era" of the past, the extreme will decline, July 1, according to "Bloomberg" reported, Bank of America analyst John Murphy in an annual report called "Car Wars" annual forecast report, said that in 2025 As each competitor has launched about 135 new electric cars, Tesla's dominant position in the U.S. electric car market could be replaced by GM or Ford, gaining most of Tesla's lost market share.


Analysts pointed out that in the past decade, Tesla's operation in a vacuum, and not much competition, but in the next 3 to 4 years, as competitors are getting more and more powerful, this state is filled by a large number of very good products, in the future, it is not the economy electric cars to pry the market but really good and powerful products to win.

In addition, analysts predict that in 2025, the United States electric car sales will grow 8 times from about 400,000 units last year to more than 320 units, in addition to Tesla, General Motors and Ford will gain more sales, although Tesla still maintains growth, is expected in the next three years, Tesla electric car share from about 70% to 20% ~, 2025, General Motors and Ford, the two car companies will be in the market in the lead, each gaining about 15% of the market share!


He added that Ford will launch six new electric cars between 2023 and 2026, and others, such as Volkswagen, will launch 11 models, which will likely be winners in these years, taking some share from Tesla.

In the second quarter of 2021, Tesla's share of electric vehicle license plate volume decreased to 66.3 percent from 79.5 percent a year earlier, GM's Chevrolet rose from 8.3 percent to 9.6 percent, and Ford, Nissan and Audi's share increased.


Finally, John Murphy analysis of Tesla in the next few years market share decline is the reason, Tesla because of the major factors, not better and smoother and more explosive expansion of production capacity, and faster growth to capture more market, which also makes competitors upstream, squeeze out Tesla's market share.

However, I personally think this statement is a bit of a stolen concept, Tesla in the electric car market share decline is certain, because there are more and more fuel car owners to switch to electric cars, and these fuel car owners themselves are GM and Ford customers, only the process of fuel cars for electric cars, GM and Ford through their own launch of electric cars, to retain part of the old customers, but in fact, there are still more GM or Ford owners choose to buy Tesla cars, so: although Tesla's future market share will decline, but the total sales of Tesla is still substantially higher!

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