Tesla's "standard Connect" Feature Is No Longer Free For Life

The Tesla electric car has another feature that was originally free for life to be canceled. Not long ago, an overseas intelligence pointed out that only the standard connection function of the map and navigation service can be used, after a certain date to order the car owners will be cancelled free lifetime use offer, after a certain number of years of use will start to charge.

Tesla's network connectivity service is currently divided into two main plans: "Standard Connectivity" and "Premier Connectivity". But Tesla has changed this policy, and it's not just a rumor.

The official Tesla website now includes the following new statement about the connectivity feature.

"All Tesla vehicles are now available with Standard Connect. Your vehicle has paid for Standard Connect for 8 years at no additional cost."

"All new Tesla vehicles ordered on or before July 20, 2022 will continue to have access to Standard Connect at no cost until the end of the vehicle's life."

In other words, standard connectivity will remain free for life for owners who order their Tesla EV before July 20, 2022, but for prospective owners who order after July 20, 2022, the standard connectivity program will start charging after eight years of delivery.

For used vehicles, all used Tesla vehicles purchased after January 16, 2020 through July 20, 2022 will continue to have free access to the Standard Connect feature until the end of the vehicle's life, and used Tesla vehicles purchased after July 20, 2022 will continue to have free access for the remainder of the eight-year period. The remaining term.

While eight years is a long time, and Tesla has not disclosed the actual cost of Standard Connect, it is clear that Tesla has been cutting back on benefits for owners in recent years. For example, the free lifetime supercharging program ends at the end of 2020, and the owner referral program, which would have given free miles or other incentives, will be canceled in 2021. Even the basic standard connection plan now has an 8-year free period.

That said, Top Link, which allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube videos or listen to music on Spotify in your car without a WiFi connection, has long been available in the U.S. market for a fee, offering monthly and yearly subscriptions for car owners to choose from. However, Top Link has not yet been officially implemented in some markets, and still maintains a "free trial" status.

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