Tesla's Smart Call Feature Crashes Into $3.5 Million Private Jet

April 23 news, according to media reports, Tesla automatic assisted driving system and fully automatic driving system provides automatic assisted navigation driving, automatic assisted lane change, intelligent summoning, automatic parking and other functions, to the owners of a great convenience, but there are car owners because of improper use and lead to car accidents, foreign countries have repeatedly opened the automatic assisted driving function after hitting police cars, fire trucks and other special vehicles accidents.


And the latest reports show that a Tesla in the United States, after turning on Smart Call, crashed into an expensive private jet, with some reports claiming that the private jet that was hit cost up to $3.5 million.
From the report, the accident in which a Tesla electric car crashed into a private jet after turning on the Smart Call feature was disclosed by the owner on a forum and occurred in Fieldsfield, near Spokane, Washington.

At an event sponsored by U.S. aircraft manufacturer WestRock Design, a participant activated the Smart Call feature to summon his Tesla electric car when there were multiple private planes around the vehicle and the Tesla, which had activated the Smart Call feature, crashed into one of the most expensive ones.

The report said that the private jet that was hit was the private jet Vision SF50 from WestRock, and that WestRock did not directly announce the price of the private jet on the official website, so the price cannot be known until the reservation is completed, but some foreign media reports said that the WestRock Vision SF50 is priced at $3.5 million, and some reports said that the price is between $1.764 million and $2.156 million. There are also reports that it will cost between $1.764 million and $2.156 million.

But both the $3.5 million and the lowest price of $1.764 million are dozens of times the price of the Tesla electric car that caused the accident itself.

It is not clear what model of Tesla caused the accident, nor is it clear in what year it was manufactured. Even the most expensive versions of Tesla's electric cars currently being delivered do not exceed $150,000, with the best-selling models selling for under $100,000.

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