Tesla's Phantom Brakes Draw Outrage, Could Face Huge Fines

The NHTSA has reportedly asked Tesla to submit details and data on the "ghost brake" problem. Because they have received complaints from 758 Tesla owners and have asked Tesla to respond to related issues by June 20, but Tesla can also request an extension, if not respond in time, Tesla may face hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.

It is worth noting that the "phantom brake" incident in the United States is not the same as the domestic "brake failure" incident, which refers to the vehicle suddenly braking for no reason during normal driving, some people call this phenomenon "phantom Some people call this phenomenon "ghost braking", and some people call it "phantom braking". In May, the NHTSA said it had received 758 complaints about the incident.

In response, NHTSA sent a 14-page letter to Tesla requesting, among other things, all consumer and field reports regarding faulty braking, as well as reports of collisions, injury, death, and property damage claims. There was also a request for information on whether Tesla's fully automated driving system and automatic emergency braking system were on at the time of these accidents; Tesla was also asked to provide information on the initial speed, final speed and average deceleration when the car began braking. Some analysts say that the "ghost brakes" may be related to the previous update, when Musk said he wanted its driver assistance system to rely only on the camera, so the new Model 3 and Model Y were canceled. TOPCARS will keep an eye out for more news on this matter.

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