Tesla's Latest Patent Published, Super Practical Decontamination Function

Sawyer Merritt, a Tesla celebrity, pointed out that Tesla has applied for registration of a device to clean the front windshield, tires and solar panels by means of a laser, and from the contents of the story, Tesla has a corresponding laser device in the front trunk lid, above the wheel arches, B-pillar and other locations, which can clean with a laser when sand and dust accumulation is detected.

Tesla Model 3

For example, in the tire industry, lasers are used to regularly clean the deposits inside the molds. Because of the good effect and high efficiency of laser removal, more and more industries are importing laser cleaning applications.

From the analysis of Tesla's patent application, in the front luggage compartment cover, above the wheel arches, B-pillar and other locations, there are corresponding laser emitting devices, in addition, Tesla also designed a sensor circuit, distributed in the windshield and other places, the sensor circuit can detect the location and amount of sand, dust, dirt and other accumulated materials, the system can use the information to control the laser power and range to achieve the effect of cleaning.


According to speculation, this technology may also be applied in other divisions of Tesla, such as home solar panels for cleaning purposes; of course, the patent will not necessarily be developed and applied immediately, Tesla may also apply for it first, depending on demand to determine the subsequent development.

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