Tesla's Electric Truck Semi Road Test Revealed

On June 14, media reported that Tesla's electric truck, the Semi, has been testing on public roads in California in recent times. The news comes from the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley, which revealed on social media on Tuesday that several club members have witnessed the Tesla Semi testing on public roads in California.

 Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi electric truck was launched in November 2017 and was scheduled to begin mass production deliveries in 2019, but for various reasons, only 15 units of the mysterious all-electric truck were delivered to PepsiCo and nothing was ever heard from again. Even so, the Semi is still getting a lot of attention, and the vehicle has already received orders from Walmart, courier company DHL, beer maker Budweiser, and many other companies who are also moving forward with matters related to mass production.

In fact, this is not the first road test exposure of Tesla's Semi truck, and news about the car's road tests has been intermittent. 2020 saw a red Semi truck in June and September in the Fremont, California-based factory, participating in Model 3 transportation. And in July of last year, another white Semi, was witnessed participating in transportation work at the Nevada Super Facility.

Tesla Semi

It is no wonder that the main job of the truck is transportation, Semi is favored by many famous companies, which must be looking at the two core aspects of environmental protection energy and strong transportation capacity, the reason why they often participate in Tesla's transportation work, probably to verify whether its working condition is durable and stable.

Of course, test work performance is not the main reason for the jump delay, Tesla's car capacity has been a big problem, its Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y and other staple models, has long been in short supply, and delivery time in some areas was once more than six months. In this case, Tesla simply does not have spare capacity left for Semi trucks and Cybertruck pickups, leading to repeated delays in delivery progress. If this continues, Tesla will lag behind other car companies entering new energy trucks.

Tesla Sami

The good thing is, the two super factories in Texas and Berlin have been put into operation, Tesla's capacity pressure can be eased, and when the Shanghai factory completes the new plant expansion, the company's total annual production is expected to reach 1.5 million. Even so, Elon Musk also said that the current production capacity is still far from meeting the market demand, only afraid that its Semi truck and Cybertruck will take a long time to market.

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