Tesla Y AWD with 4,680 battery cells now available on its website

First spotted by The Kilowatts and reported on social media, Tesla has updated its website with the Model Y All-Wheel-Drive with the 4680 battery.

The Model Y with the 4680 battery, built in Giga Texas, starts at $61,990. But only one electric has a base price of $61,990, with most listed at $63,990, which includes some sort of upgrade, such as paint for the wheels.

While the new Model Y AWD with the 4,680 battery is $2,000 cheaper than the current Model Y Long Range AWD, the former also has a significantly lower range. The EPA-estimated range of the Long Range with the 2170 battery is 330 miles, while the Model Y with the 4680 battery has a range of only 269 miles.

Details on the all-wheel drive Model Y are scarce right now, but it has been confirmed that the car uses Tesla's new 4680 battery. According to a recent update from Tesla, in a seven-day period last month, they were able to produce 868,000 of these batteries, enough for 1,000 electric vehicles.

A few years ago, Tesla announced its proprietary 4680 battery cells on Battery Day. The automaker has some high promises for the new battery. It aims to increase range, power and longevity with new materials and manufacturing technologies. CEO Elon Musk noted shortly before the celebration that such batteries won't be in cars for some time. That said, Tesla has been producing the batteries on experimental production lines and working to perfect new manufacturing techniques so it can start using them in its cars. It was eventually equipped in the Tesla all-wheel-drive Model Y, which was built at the Texas Gigafactory last year.

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