Tesla will use new parameters such as wind direction to predict range

Tesla has started using new parameters such as wind direction, air density and humidity to improve the accuracy of its range predictions, according to U.S. automotive news site Electrek.

The report cited a tweet from a well-known hacker named "Green" that said the new mileage calculation method may only be tried in China for now, with a wider rollout to follow.

"Travel energy calculation now takes into account side/headwinds, air density and humidity (may be in China only for now?)," "Green" tweeted on Wednesday.

Electrek also cited a software release note saying that Tesla is also starting to prepare for the rollout of a new software update (likely on Aug. 2) that will include better charging calculations and other tweaks.

In 2018, the Musk-led company added more features to estimate range, including using altitude and temperature data in its calculations, among other things.

Tesla drivers can enter their destination into the car's interactive system to determine if they have enough power to complete the trip. These estimates may vary slightly due to external factors such as weather. The new feature may improve the accuracy of mileage predictions by a few percentage points.

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