Tesla V4 Supercharge Exposure: 15 Minutes To Replenish Energy 500km

Recently, a group of Tesla V4 Supercharger (the fourth generation of superchargers) has been exposed by a network channel. Tesla has already started working on the design and development of the layout of the fourth generation of superchargers as early as 2020. Sources said that Tesla V4 Supercharger will be released in September this year at the earliest.

Tesla V4 Supercharger

From the pictures, the enclosure of Tesla V4 Supercharger has changed significantly compared to the third generation. The V4 Supercharger has an overall black and white color scheme with the word TESLA on top, and the size of the charging pile is taller, thinner, and takes up less space. The current height of V3 Supercharger is about 1.7 meters, while the height of V4 Supercharger is over 2 meters.


At the same time, the cut-out shape in the center of the V3 supercharger pile will be eliminated, and the location of the cable coming out of the supercharger pile will be changed from the top of the V3 to the bottom.

V4 Supercharging Pile

In terms of charging efficiency, the Tesla V4 Supercharger will have a maximum charging power of 350kW with dual cables. Previously Musk had said that the Model S Plaid and Cybertruck will be adapted first. In addition, the Model Y with 4680 batteries, which has a layer of liquid cooling plate on top of its cells and improved bottom heat dissipation, is also speculated to be compatible with the next-generation V4 supercharger pile.


Currently, Tesla is using a large area of the V3 super-charge, using water-cooled cooling design, the maximum charging power can reach 250kW, some models in peak conditions, replenishment of energy in 5 minutes can last 120km.

If converted purely by power, the maximum power of 350kW Tesla V4 Supercharger can charge the vehicle to meet the 168km range in 5 minutes, with a 15-minute charging range of 500km.


Tesla's Supercharger stations are considered one of the fastest and most widely laid out charging networks in the world, and it has built over 35,000 supercharging piles worldwide.

However, according to Tesla's pricing mechanism for superchargers, the higher the power of the supercharging pile, the higher the charge will be. This also means that when the V4 superchargers are launched in the future, owners will spend more on the cost of using the superchargers.


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