Tesla Upgraded Cabin Overheating Protection: Adjustable Temperature

July 12 - As a heat wave sweeps the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla's next software update will enable owners to adjust the activation temperature of the cabin's overheat protection feature.

Tesla Interior

The Cabin Overheat Protection feature is a temperature control system on Tesla vehicles that reduces cabin temperature in extremely hot conditions. According to the Model 3 Owner's Manual, Cabin Overheat Protection can operate for 12 hours after passengers leave the vehicle or until the battery drops to 20 percent charge. When activated, the feature can turn on only the fan, not the air conditioning, or turn on the air conditioning if the temperature inside the car exceeds 40°C.

According to Musk, the cabin overheat protection function played a big role in the record heat, and subsequent updates will enable owners to adjust the activation temperature of the overheat protection function.

Elon Musk Twitter

In the brochure, Tesla warns owners that even with cabin overheat protection enabled, their vehicles are still in danger of overheating and owners should not leave children or pets unattended in their vehicles. Tesla also has other features such as dog mode or camp mode if passengers want to stay in the vehicle while parked.

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