Tesla To Lay Off Nearly 10% Of Its Workforce And Suspend Global Hiring

Reuters, June 2 - Tesla needs to "cut about 10 percent of its jobs," according to an email sent by CEO Elon Musk to company executives on Thursday.

In the email, titled "Suspend all hiring globally," Musk said, "I have a super bad feeling about the economy."

As previously reported by Reuters, two sources confirmed that Musk asked employees to return to the office or leave the company in an email sent on the evening of May 31.

Musk wrote in the email, "Everyone at Tesla must be in the office at least 40 hours a week, and if you don't show up, we'll assume you've resigned ...... The higher you are in the hierarchy, the more visible your presence must be. That's why I often live in the factory so that those on the line can see me working with them. If I hadn't done that, Tesla would have gone bankrupt.

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John Murphy is the founder of TOPCARS Tesla Aftermarket Accessories, as well as an investor in Tesla and owner of the Model Y. He posts about Tesla news while running the site on a daily basis.

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