Tesla to Hold 2022 AI DAY on September 30

On August 23, Tesla officially announced through Twitter that it will hold the "AI DAY" artificial intelligence conference in Palo Alto, California on September 30, North American time. It is reported that Tesla will showcase the humanoid robot "Optimus Prime" for the first time at this year's "AI DAY".

Compared to the industry's popular quadrupedal robots, humanoid robots have had a much rockier road to development, with developers hitting walls in almost every direction, from hardware to software. Although Tesla's humanoid robot Optimus Prime was revealed much earlier, it was preempted by Xiaomi's Cyber One. For now, Cyber One is a relatively high degree of completion, supporting 21 degrees of freedom, recognizing character identity, emotions and 85 types of environmental sounds, from the perspective of a "bionic human", has met people's basic fantasies, but in terms of the status quo, it is not yet up to commercial standards.

When Musk mentioned Optimus Prime, the most surprising thing was not hardware-related or technical innovation, but Tesla's intention to price it at $25,000, which is a bit contrary to Tesla's usual style, after all, it is a company that even "whistles" are priced at 350 yuan. This is a bit contrary to Tesla's usual style, after all, that is a company that even "whistle" is priced at 350 yuan. But at the same time, it is also clear that Musk's ambition is not to use Optimus Prime as a product to show off his muscles, but a real product for sale. Of course, in this "AI DAY", Tesla will probably only do some simple demonstration, as for the real listing time, according to the official earlier statement is 2025, do not know the delivery time will be which year it?

For now, the production of humanoid robots requires a large number of servo motors, sensors and controllers, and these parts and intelligent trams are roughly the same, which is why Tesla can keep the cost down, set a price of $ 25,000. Tesla wants to do humanoid robots, which is a very worthy thing to look forward to, but "Optimus Prime" worth looking forward to? Maybe not. But in the foreseeable future, Tesla will do is to open up the entire supply chain, the robot production link to open up, so that "friends" in the field less detours, and this is not a good thing?

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