Tesla To Delay Certain U.S. Deliveries Of Long-range Versions

June 1 - Electric car maker Tesla's U.S. website shows that the company will delay delivery of certain long-range versions in the U.S. by up to a month, according to media reports.

As the leader in electric vehicles, Tesla's delayed delivery of new vehicles is nothing new. Previously, the media has repeatedly reported that the company's new vehicle deliveries have been delayed.
Now, Tesla is delaying delivery of certain long-range models in the U.S. Tesla's U.S. website shows that new orders for the Model Y are expected to be delivered from December this year to March next year, the Model 3 is expected to be delivered from September to December this year, and the Model X is expected to be delivered from February to May next year.

Before Tesla updated the delivery date on its U.S. website, foreign media reported earlier this week that Tesla was delaying deliveries of some Model 3 and Model Y due to a shortage of supply of electronic control units for charging ports.

At the time, the media reported that some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y buyers had to wait several weeks after their scheduled delivery dates to receive their new vehicles.

Although Tesla is attempting to internalize more of its parts production and supply chain to reduce the impact of parts shortages, it is still heavily dependent on third-party supplies. According to foreign media reports, Tesla is having serious problems with its ECU supply.

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