Tesla Threatens To Sue Child Dummy Test Originator

Elon Musk is really angry this time and wants Tesla Legal to pursue responsibility to the end because a video of less than 1 minute "misrepresents the level of Tesla's self-driving technology" and also "hurts Tesla's business interests and spreads defamatory information to the public".

In the warning letter, it is written in black and white that if the video is not taken down again, further legal action will be taken. The reason for such a serious attitude is also related to the adverse effects of the release of the video. Not only did a bunch of people express their disappointment and doubt about Tesla Autopilot, but it even triggered Tesla owners to test themselves on the "law", so extreme that they took their children to do the test.

What does the video say?

How would Tesla FSD respond to a child dummy standing motionless at a crosswalk? The result of the actual test is: pretend not to see, directly into the past. Not even brake to slow down.

To ensure fairness, the test was retested immediately afterwards.

FSD beta 10.12.2 was enabled and the driver did not press the accelerator pedal at this point.

Tesla center screen screen, also did not identify the mark to this dummy. Only this Tesla with 38.62km/h speed, directly knocked over the child dummy. After the knockdown, the Tesla FSD automatically exits immediately afterwards. The above is one of the videos that Tesla issued a warning letter asking the original author of the video, Dawn Project, to take down. It should be added that the test site is located at a crosswalk outside a school somewhere in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

The child dummy is wearing a yellow safety undershirt and is clearly visible to the naked eye. There are no ice cream cones around the dummy and there is plenty of room to make sharp turns. In addition to this, the Dawn Project organization has been running various commercials on American television, strongly promoting the potential hazards of the Tesla FSD. The organization was founded primarily to resist various unsafe software systems, and their official website has this eye-catching tagline.

"The first danger we have to address is Elon Musk's reckless deployment of unsafe self-driving cars on the road." In response to the video, Tesla legal counsel Dinna Eskin said The so-called measurements misuse and misrepresent the true capabilities of Tesla's (Autopilot) technology and do not take into account the results of a wide range of independent third-party organizations and the true experience of consumers. The warning letter from Tesla rightly states that the video "damages Tesla's business interests and spreads defamatory information to the public" and that "your actions actually put consumers at risk.

Dan O'Dowd, founder of the Dawn Project organization, is also the CEO of Green Hills Software, an American software company.

After receiving the warning letter, he reacted very strongly, tweeting out that Musk threatened to sue him. After the video was sent out, it caused wave after wave of repercussions online. First, a group of people pointed the finger at Tesla's Autopilot, raising various criticisms and questions.

For example, "Can Tesla recognize and detect an adult-sized dummy? ...... If it can't handle complex scenarios, it's not really ready." For example, "Tesla will stop if you use an ice cream cone instead of a child dummy?"

Other users are not optimistic about Tesla's pure vision solution. Relying on pure computer vision poses a safety hazard on the road, and it should be mandatory for these self-driving cars to be equipped with radar or LIDAR.

But some netizens rushed to Tesla's defense, questioning the authenticity of the video: 1. 1. Tesla does not claim to have full self-driving capability; 2. you should be focused and ready to take over the entire time you turn on the FSD; 3. the AI does not recognize mannequins as pedestrians; and 4. the driver intentionally drove the car too fast.

The video even caused unexpected repercussions, with a large number of Tesla owners testing the "law" on themselves, to the extreme of taking their children to the test.

Reviews of such and such swarmed the attention of the official oil pipe. Eventually, the video posted by Tesla iron fan blogger @Whole Mars Catalog has been removed and taken down by the oil pipe.

Tubes spokesperson Elena Hernandez also publicly responded by saying Oil Pipe does not allow the display of content that involves minors in dangerous activities or encourages minors to engage in dangerous activities.

And before that, media outlets, including Wired magazine, called out that even the most hardcore Tesla users should not take real children for real-world testing...

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