Tesla Texas Mega-factory May Open Next Month

March 25, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk just tweeted that Tesla's Texas mega-factory is about to open and will hold a party on April 7, and started issuing invitations to users.

From the picture released by Musk, the opening ceremony and party party called "Cyber Rodeo", received an email to owners that all invitees can bring one person to the party, more details will be announced next week.


Tesla queue poster
In other words, Tesla's newest mega-factory in Austin, Texas, will officially open / go into production next month.

The Tesla Texas mega-factory was identified and started construction in July 2020, and the Model Y production line is now basically ready, while the Cybertruck, a new electric pickup truck, may also arrive next year.

According to reports, due to soaring gas prices and soaring sales of new energy vehicles in the U.S., Tesla's official website shows that its entire lineup of models in the U.S. market has a backlog of orders of varying degrees, with popular models such as the Model Y long-range version even scheduled for delivery next year, and the commissioning of the Texas mega-factory will help speed up the delivery of new vehicles.

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