Tesla Suspends Some New Model S Deliveries In The U.S.

According to electrek, individual buyers of Tesla's new Model S in the U.S. received notice today that delivery of the new car will be delayed. These buyers have been waiting for months for the new car, previously scheduled for delivery in the next few days, but different buyers have received different notices that Tesla will not be able to deliver the new car.

Tesla's notice indicates that the new Model S could not be delivered due to a change in the factory inspection standards for new vehicles and a recent upgrade to the vehicle. The delivery date will be rescheduled after passing all the tests.

TOPCARS previously reported that Tesla's 2021 Model S electric car has undergone a major interior overhaul, with a square steering wheel and improved performance with a 17-inch main display capable of playing 3A games. The new car includes a long-range version, the new Model S Plaid and Model S Plaid+, with a starting price of $79,990.

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John Murphy is the founder of TOPCARS Tesla Aftermarket Accessories, as well as an investor in Tesla and owner of the Model Y. He posts about Tesla news while running the site on a daily basis.

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