Tesla Starts Accepting Orders From Japan And Australia To Expand Its Market

According to the news, Tesla will officially accept Model Y orders in Japan and Australia, officially expanding Tesla's global market. It is reported that the orders opened this time mainly Model Y models, users can choose Model Y rear-wheel drive version, starting at 68,900 Australian dollars.

There is also the Tesla Model Y Dual Motor AWD Performance at a price of A$93,900, which is about RMB 448,212. In addition, according to the news we got Tesla Model Y's expected delivery date in Australia is August 2022 to November 2022.

Tesla Model Y

The overall prices are a bit higher than in China, and these models may be sent from the Shanghai Super Factory, basically the Japanese models are likely to be sent from China, while the Australian models may be sent from the Berlin or Texas factories, which saves more time.

By Tesla opening the Australian and Japanese Model Y orders also indicates that the production at the Shanghai Superfactory is gradually getting back to normal as it will handle the delivery demand from both countries.

Tesla's Shanghai plant has already produced 33544 cars in May and is aiming to produce 71,000 cars this June. Tesla will also launch the Model Y in the U.S. with the Model 4680 battery and a new structural battery pack.

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