Tesla Motors Superfactory Expands Again

Tesla has a total of six factories in the world, four of which are used to produce Tesla's electric cars for sale, the California factory, which was put into operation in 2012, produces all of Tesla's models for sale, with a planned capacity of 600,000 units.

Elon Musk

The German Berlin factory and the Texas factory started production in March and April this year respectively, mainly for the production of Tesla's hottest Model Y. The Berlin factory's annual production target is 500,000 units, of which the Tesla Texas factory is the largest, costing nearly $10 billion, and is one of Tesla's most important projects, setting a target of 500,000 units for the production of Model Y alone. Sufficient equal to the Berlin factory's annual production!

On April 7, local time in the United States, Tesla held a celebration for the opening of the Cyber Rodeo in the super factory in Texas, at the event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Texas is the world's largest factory. Musk said Texas is the world's largest car factory, the factory covers an area of 12,000 acres, is Tesla's four factories in the largest area of the factory, the factory area is four times more than the Shanghai super factory ~

Texas Plant

Texas Plant

Elon Musk also said that the main goal of the Texas mega-factory is to significantly increase Tesla's production capacity, and the main task of the factory this year is capacity climbing, Elon Musk set a capacity target of 1 million units per year for its Texas factory, which is about to mass produce the Cybertruck, Roadster 2 and Semi electric truck in 2023, which may be the year Tesla's year of capacity explosion.

The current acceleration of the Berlin plant and Texas plant capacity is Tesla's "top priority", after Elon Musk said that the two plants are becoming a huge furnace burning advanced and losing up to a billion dollars due to the difficulty of increasing production!

Texas Plant

Texas factory in the production process suffered 4680 battery production problems, Berlin factory is encountered motor problems, despite both ends are in trouble, but Tesla heart into feet, but also plans to continue to expand one of the big factory!

It is reported that the Texas super factory is very large, but only a small part of the land acquired by Tesla in Texas, the latest news on July 1, Tesla this Wednesday to the relevant local agencies to submit documents show that the Texas super factory to expand another 500,000 square feet.

Tesla Model Y

And the documents submitted by Tesla show that the expansion area belongs to the Texas factory's No. 2 factory and No. 3 factory area, considering the pressure on Tesla's production capacity now, not only to produce 4680 batteries, Model Y, but also to produce other models, the choice of expansion is a very sensible decision.

In addition, a few days ago, according to foreign media reports, Tesla has managed to improve the production of its super factory in Texas, the weekly production can be up to 5,000 cars, Tesla's goal is to increase weekly production to 10,000 cars by the end of the year.

On June 23, news broke that the Model Y with 4680 batteries in Texas has officially gone on sale in the U.S. with a starting price of $61,990, $2,000 higher than the employee price. With the expansion of the Texas factory, the date of the global sale of the Model Y with 4680 batteries is expected to be on the agenda!

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