Tesla Model Y Is The Most Built Car In The US By 2022

In 2022, the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 topped the "Cars" website's Made in America Index. In addition, the Model X and Model S are ranked fifth and sixth respectively, making Tesla the most productive car manufacturer in the US.

The US website Cars has published an annual study of the new cars that contribute most to the US economy. The study follows the same principles as in 2020 and 2021, ranking 95 vehicles according to the same five indicators: location of assembly, parts content, engine origin, transmission origin and US manufacturing workforce.
Annual study of the new vehicles that contribute most to the US economy
In terms of the assessment of each component, Tesla Motors has not only maintained its number one position overall, but has also strengthened its presence in the list. the Tesla Model Y has risen from third place in 2021 to first place as the most built car in the US.
Tesla Model 3
They are followed by last year's winner, the Tesla Model 3, with the Tesla Model X in fifth place and the Tesla Model S in sixth. Both of these cars were updated last year and deliveries hadn't started before Cars' report was published last year, so they didn't make the 2021 list.

So this naturally leads to a situation where the electric car manufacturer is greatly supporting the US economy by providing important jobs at home.
Tesla Model 3
While US manufacturers typically choose to build production facilities abroad and then export their cars for sale in the US, Tesla is focused on selling cars made locally to Americans. As Tesla strives to localise its supply chain, its cars are claimed to be 100% American-made, twice the industry average.

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