Tesla Model Y is the best-selling premium SUV in China

The Tesla Model Y became the best-selling premium SUV in China in 2022, according to a new list released by the CPCA in China. it sold more units than the second and third models combined.

Premium SUV sales in China in 2022Image credits: CnEVPost

The Mercedes-Benz GLC, in second place, was 148,797 units. The Audi Q5 was third with 145,778 units, and the BMW X3 was fourth with 140,991 units.

The Model Y held the No. 1 position for most of the year. It ended December 2022 with monthly sales of 29,837 units.

Without distinguishing between segments, the Model Y is second only to the BYD Song. The BYD Song sold a total of 478,811 vehicles in 2022. But it sells for a much lower price than the Model Y, at about $26,000. In contrast, the Model Y is almost twice as expensive, making its overall second-place finish even more impressive.

SUV sales in China in 2022Image credits: CnEVPost

On January 6, Tesla again lowered the price of all Model 3 and Model Y versions in China, with the entry-level Model Y's latest starting price of RMB 259,900, down RMB 29,000 from the previous price of RMB 288,900.

China is now the most important player in the global electric car market, and the "wow effect" of the Model 3 and Y will soon wear off as they age and the competition becomes more intense and attractive. I believe this will be the case in the next few years, especially with German premium brands, VW and some Chinese newbies like NIO, Xpeng, Polestar and Li Aoto. they are launching many new cars that are not as competitive as Tesla, but the gap is closing.

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