Tesla Model Y charging upgrade: about 1 hour can be full

According to teslarati, Tesla's Texas factory has produced the Model Y with 4680 cells and structured battery packs. and, some lucky reservation holders, have already managed to mention the new car and announced the actual charging time of the car.

Tesla Model Y

Ryan Levenson, a big fan of several Tesla cars, leased a Model Y from Texas through the rental platform, a two-motor standard-range version with a range of 279 miles (449 km) and a new 4680 battery.

Levenson drove the Model Y to a charging station with a V3 Supercharger installed to recharge it when the car's mileage was showing 0 miles. The interesting thing is that even though the odometer was at 0 miles, the car still kept going for about 3 kilometers and the acceleration didn't receive too much impact, so it seems that Tesla's software system is a bit of a false alarm.

The Kilowatts

The owner started charging the Model Y at 12:25 a.m. with a nearly dead battery and stopped charging at 1:17 p.m., at which point the vehicle had a range of 270 miles. In 52 minutes, the Model Y went from 0 to 97% charge. At this rate, it should be able to charge from 0 to 100% in one hour.

Levenson observed the charging power curve and found that the Model Y with the 4680 battery quickly reached 250kW when it first started charging, which is significantly different from previous Tesla cars, which generally took a while to charge before the power slowly increased to 250kW. It seems that the Tesla 4680 battery not only brings an improvement in range, but also in charging speed.


Tesla's official data shows that the new V3 Supercharger supports 250kW charging power and can get 120km range in 5 minutes. And, Tesla also improved the shunt situation, can ensure that each car can reach the maximum charging power, help users save 50% of the charging time. After owners tested it, they found that it only takes 15 minutes to charge 15% to 67%, and the power will stabilize at 135kW beyond 50% and further reduce to 91kW beyond 67%.

The 4680 battery benefits from a new internal structure design, which may help to extend the time of high power charging and shorten the car charging time. However, Tesla officials did not focus on promoting this feature, it seems that the 4680 battery also hides a lot of highlights, I hope Tesla can grasp the use of this new battery in more models.。


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