Tesla Model S Sets World Record With 1.61 Million Kilometres Driven In 8 Years

Hansjörg Gemmingen, a Tesla owner in Germany, recently revealed that the used Model S P85 he bought in 2014 has already managed to reach the 1 million mile mark.


Gemmingen shared the milestone on his social media accounts and the Tesla owner is hoping that the 1 million mile feat will be recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Gemmingen is an avid supporter of electric cars and took a first generation Tesla Roadster on long journeys when fast charging stations were still few and far between. For health and comfort reasons, he traded in a used Model S in 2014 and has been racking up the miles ever since.

Tesla Model S

Five years after he owned the second-hand, all-electric car, the Tesla owner reached the one million kilometre mark, a feat recognised by Guinness World Records representatives at the time. By then, however, the car had already had its battery pack replaced once and its motor replaced three times.

Since the Model S reached the one million kilometre mark, it has had several motor changes, making a total of three battery changes and eight motor changes, none of which have been satisfactory in the past. The first original motor when we bought the car lasted 778,000 kilometres, and the subsequent replacements have not lasted nearly as long. According to The Driven, Gemmingen was disappointed with the quality of the Tesla motor.

Gemmingen wants to continue setting records and wants to challenge the 2 million kilometre mark, but he wants a different car and is considering ordering a Lucid Air with a range of more than 800 kilometres and setting more records.

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