The price of Tesla Model 3/Y for the Chinese market may be reduced again!

An alleged internal employee of Tesla has revealed that the price of Tesla sold in China will soon be reduced, and the price reduction is unprecedented. Specifically, the Tesla Model 3 will be priced at $30,000 and the Model Y at $34,800, which will be the third price cut for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y since October 24, with the cumulative reductions for the two entry-level models reaching $8,300 and $9,300 respectively.

Although the above news has not been officially confirmed, from the perspective of the current competitive market in China, the possibility of another price cut by Tesla is very high.


Price Comparison

 Model 3
Model Pre-adjustment selling price First price reduction Second price reduction The third price reduction
Rear wheel drive 39000 37100 36000 30600
Performance 51400 48800 47600 Unannounced
 Model Y
 Rear wheel drive 44100 40200 39100 34800
Long range 55000 49800 48700 Unannounced
Performance 58200 55400 54300 Unannounced

 According to the usual practice, the new cars produced by Tesla China are usually mainly used for export in the first half of a quarter, while the second half of the quarter is mainly supplied to the Chinese market. Currently, Tesla's website shows that the delivery time for the rear-wheel drive version of the Model Y is 1-4 weeks, while the delivery time for all other models and the full Model 3 range is 4-8 weeks. However, thanks to the increased capacity of the Shanghai Super Factory, and the decline in Tesla's sales in recent months, the Tesla Model 3/Y is currently at full capacity, and many Chinese customers can drive the car away the same day they finish the paperwork.

It is understood that the price cut is due to the number of orders after the first two price cuts did not meet expectations, so the price will be cut again to attract more orders from Chinese users, and thus complete the performance targets set at the beginning of the year. According to the data of China Passenger Association, the sales of Model 3 and Model Y in October were only 2,809 and 14,391 units, down 90.9% and 69.2% from the previous month.

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