Tesla's Mexico plant will start construction within three months and is almost twice the size of Tesla's Texas plant.

Tesla is buying the site for a new factory in Nuevo León from a private owner on nearly 4,200 acres, nearly twice the size of Tesla's Texas plant, an official from the Mexican state of Nuevo León said on March 2. The official said construction of the new factory in Nuevo Leon will begin within three months, when it will be announced which models the plant will produce.

Mexican President Lopez recently tweeted that he had met with Tesla directors and technicians to make progress on building an electric car factory in Nuevo Leon. According to Nava, the mayor of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, construction of Tesla's super factory will begin within two months.

Tesla has already built four superfactories around the world, in Fremont, California; Austin, Texas; Shanghai; and Berlin. The plan to build a new generation of super factory in Mexico is one of Tesla's important initiatives to expand its global production capacity and further expand its market.

Last week's Tesla investor day event, Musk announced that it will invest in Mexico to build a new generation of super factory, the area will be 20 times larger than the Shanghai plant, covering more than 4,200 acres, an investment of up to $10 billion, plans to employ 10,000 people.

However, although the Mexico plant is 20 times larger than the Shanghai plant, but the capacity target is only 1 million units, while the Shanghai plant now has a capacity of up to or even more than 1 million units.

Tesla's ultimate goal is to become one of the world's largest car companies by reaching 20 million units per year of factory capacity in the future.


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