Tesla launches limited edition beer priced at 89 euros, with cool packaging resembling Cybertruck shape

GigaBier. image credit: Tesla
Tesla recently launched GigaBier, a Pilsner-style beer inspired by its own electric pickup truck Cybertruck, for 89 euros in the European market, and is currently only approved for sale in 17 European countries. According to the website, GigaBier retains the Cybertruck's shape and design and is limited to three bottles per customer per order.

The beer, produced in Germany by BrouwUnie, is available in sets of three for 89 euros, with each can containing 330 ml of 5% alcohol by volume. The individual bottles come with a seamless glossy black sleeve with a glow-in-the-dark Giga watermark. The process is based on 500 years of pure German brewing methods, while the flavor has aromas of citrus, bergamot and sweet fruits.
GigaBier. image credit: Tesla
Elon Musk first revealed the GigaBie at the Giga Fest event in Berlin at the end of 2021. He revealed that Tesla would be working on some interesting projects at the new factory to make it different. "We're going to have a train station in the factory, and we're even going to have a kind of beer." He didn't go back on his word.

GigaBier is Tesla's second foray into beverages, after the company's Tesla Tequila, a Tesla tequila, sold out quickly upon release. On the secondary market, the drink, which has a lightning bolt shape in the bottle, is reselling for more than $1,000.
Tesla Tequila. image credit: Tesla
Earlier Tesla had launched satin underwear, flamethrowers, belt buckles, whistles, glass and other peripheral products, Musk's "brain" is getting bigger and bigger, always able to attract consumers' attention. Although there are many voices questioning these goods is a "new type of intelligence tax", but a variety of unexpected new products always opened a few hours will be snapped up.

Tesla is not the only car company to enter the beverage industry. As early as 2014, Audi spent millions of dollars to create Audi Café in Taiwan, China, the then president of Audi Taiwan said that this move will allow the general consumers to experience the charm of the four rings brand up close. Audi has also launched a water cup-sized portable coffee machine, which can be plugged into the car's 12-volt power supply and can make a steaming cup of coffee in just two minutes.

Tesla glass. image credit: Tesla
This time Tesla launched GigaBier, perhaps the same drunkenness is not in the "wine". From the current situation, this beer hunting has successfully made Tesla once again on the top of the major hot list.

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