Tesla: Large-scale Energy Storage Project Approved for Texas Mega-factory

With the increasing scarcity of global energy, energy storage has become another major growth potential track after new energy vehicles. Now, globally, the layout of the new energy manufacturers around the energy storage technology and related supply chain is in full swing.

Recently, Tesla in Texas super factory of a large battery energy storage project approved by the city of Austin, it is reported that this project will use a commercial battery named Megapack to power the production plant, although the specific capacity has not been disclosed, this project listed area of 53.27 acres, Tesla also hopes that through this energy storage project to respond to the local climate change in Texas, to ensure that the plant production stable.

Tesla submitted the project to the city of Austin back on March 25. And Megapack, Tesla's custom-designed and manufactured giant energy storage device for electric utilities, has been used in many large-scale energy storage applications around the world, storing up to 3MWh per unit - enough to power an average of 3,600 homes for an hour.

It is reported that the energy storage industry chain is a wide range of industry chain in the whole power system, its upstream mainly includes battery raw materials and production equipment suppliers; midstream mainly for the battery, battery management system, energy management system and energy storage converter suppliers; downstream mainly for energy storage system integrators, installers and end users, etc.

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