Tesla HW 4.0 approved in Europe for new Model S and X

On February 12, the Dutch Automotive Authority issued a change approval certificate for Tesla, which shows that Tesla is adding Hardware 4.0 chips to the Model S and Model X. This means that the company can offer its latest FSD software and hardware for the Model S and Model X models in Europe.

In addition to HW 4.0, the document also shows that Tesla will make various adjustments to the new car, such as a new navigation and positioning system antenna, but also involves the Gen3 inverter, automatic headlight changes, Model X interior mirror bracket, motor code, tail badge, top speed and many other adjustments.

According to the document, the new Model S has a top speed adjustment of 174 MPH (280km/h), and owners can increase the top speed to 200 MPH (322km/h) with the optional carbon-ceramic brake kit. This may mean that Tesla will start to provide users with optional support for carbon ceramic brake kits in the near future.

Unfortunately, the certificate does not reveal any details of Tesla Hardware 4.0 hardware, but it has been confirmed that the Cybertruck will also use Hardware 4.0. But it has been confirmed that the Cybertruck, which will be delivered soon, will also use Hardware 4.0. This means that the new platform is not far away and more revisions are on the way.

Based on previous revelations and predictions, Hardware 4.0 is based on TSMC's 4/5nm process and is expected to feature a 5MP camera, which will give Autopilot an edge in identifying objects at a distance. The new hardware will also include a new FSD computer that is expected to be four times more powerful than the current FSD computer in HW3.0.
In addition, HW4.0 is expected to include a new high-definition radar, which will significantly improve the performance of the FSD. In addition to this, Tesla also mentioned a new GNSS antenna for GPS, and the new antenna also provides support for other satellite navigation systems such as GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo.

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