Tesla global orders exceeded 100,000 orders! To reduce the burden or will be forced to increase prices?

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According to a tweet by Twitter user @TroyTeslike, Tesla's projected global backlog is 107,000 orders as of Jan. 15, 2023, up 45 percent from 74,000 orders as of Dec. 31, 2022.

The 107,000 units equates to approximately 30 days of manufacturing capacity, according to the report. This means that the earliest you can place a single Tesla order now will be a month before it arrives. Of course, it's important to note that this is the average wait time for the global market.

Troy Teslike lists several major markets.

U.S.: 38,697 (30 days)

Canada: 2,774 (31 days)

Europe: 30,246 (35 days)

China: 14,258 (17 days)

Others: 21,143 (76 days)

Total: approximately 107,000 (30 days)

As we can see, with the three largest markets in the world (US, Europe and China), China has the shortest wait time of only 17 days; while the US and European markets have a wait time of 30 and 35 days respectively.

The global surge in orders is not surprising, due to the significant price cuts Tesla made to its popular models on sale, both the Model 3 and Model Y, earlier in the year. In the Chinese market, for example, the price of Model 3RWD was reduced by 14,000 yuan and Model 3 Performance by 18,000 yuan, while the price of Model YRWD was reduced by 28,000 yuan, Model Y Long Range by 37,000 yuan and Model Y Performance by 20,000 yuan. The same phenomenon is also seen in the U.S., Europe and other markets.

Troy Teslike analysis that Tesla will face the situation of oversupply in the short term, and if this situation is to be changed, the company may adjust prices again to find a new balance, which requires a good combination of factory production efficiency and market consumer demand, so as to maximize revenue and profits.

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