Tesla Gets Permission To Sell Model Y From Berlin Superplant Trial Production

According to media reports, Tesla was given permission to sell the Model Y, which was produced on a trial basis at its Berlin super plant.


The Berlin megafactory, Tesla's fourth, was reportedly inaugurated on March 22 of this year and currently produces only the Model Y.

Before Tesla's Berlin Superfactory received final approval to produce cars, the company received initial approval to produce more than 2,000 vehicles, which were built for testing purposes and initially expected to be used internally or scrapped.

But a recent filing from Tesla shows that the company wants to sell some of the early production Model Ys to customers, provided they are of "good" quality.

The Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU), the approval body in charge of the matter, said Tesla would not violate any regulations if it sold early-production Model Ys of good quality to end customers.

Previously, the local authorities did not allow the sale of these cars, on which Tesla commented that it would be forced to scrap hundreds of vehicles. On June 11, Tesla sent a letter to the state of Brandenburg saying that some of the vehicles had been disposed of while others were being used for "various testing purposes.

It is unclear whether Tesla will try to sell these Model Y pilot cars at full price or sell them at a slight discount because they may not meet the standards.

It is reported that Tesla's Berlin superfactory has suspended car production for 12 days (July 11-July 22) starting this week to make upgrades that will increase factory output.

Earlier, foreign media reported that the production process of the plant will be adjusted during the suspension. After optimizing the plant's production process, the plant will restart the three-shift system, where the body will only need to stay in each production plant for 45 seconds, instead of 90 seconds as before.

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