Tesla FSD Officially Raises Price to $15,000

Tesla has reportedly raised the price of its FSD to $15,000. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously announced on Twitter that the price of the company's advanced driver assistance system is about to increase.

The online configuration tool on Tesla's U.S. website shows that the FSD currently costs $15,000. Consumers who pay this price will get basic Autopilot, enhanced Autopilot and signal recognition and stop sign control.

Currently, when consumers purchase a Tesla vehicle, all vehicles come standard with a basic version of Autopilot, which includes TACC traffic-aware cruise control and lane-keeping features. For an enhanced version of Autopilot, consumers will need to pay $6,000. This version of Autopilot has additional features such as automatic navigation, lane change, automatic parking, vehicle summoning and smart summoning.
Consumers who buy the FSD actually get most of the features from the enhanced Autopilot, which sells for $6,000. Signal recognition and stop sign control are both good features, but whether paying an extra $9,000 for these two features is worth it is up to the consumer to decide.
Overall, most consumers who are willing to pay $15,000 for FSD are doing so to be the first to try the company's FSD Beta, a beta version of which enables a new feature called Autosteer on City Streets, which allows vehicles to drive themselves around the city without the need for driver control. This is a very attractive feature and a missing piece of Tesla's Advanced Driver Assistance system before it was introduced as an autonomous driving solution.
But it's important to note that, for now, even with the inclusion of the FSD Beta program, drivers will still need to keep an eye on the road and Tesla will evaluate drivers based on the company's safety scoring system. The company will use this system to determine if the owner is a responsible driver to determine if the driver is eligible to try FSD Beta.
Musk has previously said that the price of the FSD will steadily increase as the system gains more features. But while this is true, most of the improvements to FSD are only available to the company's FSD Beta testers, of which more than 100,000 owners are currently testing FSD Beta. from this perspective, the enhanced Autopilot appears to be a more cost-effective option for consumers currently interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle.

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