Tesla FSD Has Opened 100,000 Owners, Elon Musk: L5 Level Within The Year

April 17 - Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed in a recent interview that the Tesla FSD Beta (Fully Self-Driving Beta) has been opened to over 100,000 owners. Musk also said that fully autonomous driving (L5 level) will be achieved this year.

Elon Musk

Musk believes that Tesla must solve real-world artificial intelligence problems, and with the current architecture, Tesla can improve the probability of the vehicle avoiding an accident compared to a human driver.

It is well known that Tesla promotes a camera-based, purely visual self-driving solution, for which the neural network is like the brain and the camera is like the eye. Each Tesla has 8 cameras all over the body, and to achieve L5 autonomous driving, the neural network needs to be "experienced" enough in a purely visual scheme, which requires more and more Tesla models to open the function and continue to learn.

Tesla Model 3

According to data from the end of last year, Tesla had only 60,000 vehicles open for FSD Beta at that time, accounting for only 40% of the more than 150,000 Tesla owners in North America who paid for FSD. Owners who want to get open access to FSD Beta need to have good safe driving habits and score high under Tesla's safety scoring tool.

To accelerate the popularity of FSD Beta, Tesla is now lowering the safety score standard to the point that the number of owners getting FSD Beta open access quickly increased by 40,000 in the first quarter of this year. Musk also previously said that more extensive testing will be conducted for all North American Autopilot customers during this year.

Tesla Model S

After opening FSD Beta to the Canadian market in March this year, Tesla will also complete the layout of this feature in the European market this year. For its part, Tesla will submit FSD Beta to European regulators within 2-3 months, but FSD Beta is more challenging to develop locally due to the variability of languages and road markings in European countries.

FSD Beta was first released in October 2020 and was the first to be rolled out to the U.S. market, and has been updated with dozens of versions to date. Vehicles have higher autonomy after FSD Beta is turned on, and can automatically complete assisted driving in city roads, recognizing and responding to actions such as traffic lights, yielding to pedestrians, making unprotected left turns, and completing automatic assisted driving from A to B.

Therefore FSD Beta is also regarded as the strongest current production assisted driving, but unfortunately, the function is always at L2 level of assisted driving, which requires the driver to keep attention on the road and take over the vehicle at all times, and if an accident occurs, the subject of responsibility is still the driver.


Since 2020, Musk has promised more than once to achieve fully autonomous driving within that year, but so far none of them have been realized. Now Musk is again promising to achieve fully autonomous driving within 2022, do you think it will work this time?

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