Tesla FSD Beta v11 update delayed again

Feb. 13 - Tesla's extremely important FSD Beta v11 update has been delayed again and appears to have encountered intractable problems.

The Tesla FSD beta enables Tesla vehicles to drive themselves to destinations entered in the car's navigation system, but the driver needs to be alert and ready to take over at all times. Since the responsibility lies with the driver, not Tesla's system, it is still considered a secondary driver assistance system.

Tesla will continue to roll out new software updates for the FSD test program and expand the number of test owners. Since the larger beta launch last year, more than 400,000 Tesla owners in North America are now enrolled in the program, meaning almost all Tesla owners who purchased the FSD package are enrolled.

Tesla FSD Beta v11 was originally planned for November 2022, but after many delays, it is still not available and has been stuck in Tesla's closed fleet for testing.

The update is important because of the inclusion of many new neural networks, and Musk says it is also important from a consumer perspective because it is expected to merge Tesla's FSD beta software stack, which is primarily used on highways and city streets, with Tesla's Autopilot software stack, which is used as a secondary driver assistance system on the highway.

Musk recently said that v11 would arrive last week, but there was no update last week. Now Musk says v11 will arrive this week, but it will be a "limited beta," meaning the update will only be pushed out to a few early testers.

Musk admitted that v11 is "much harder than expected" because the update brings "a re-architecture of the neural network" to the FSD beta. Beyond that, it's unclear what's holding up the update.

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