Tesla fan files trade mark for the company to make electric motors for airplanes & boats

Tesla Aircraft

Tesla hinted at making electric motors for airplanes, boats and more in a new trademark application on Dec. 28, 2022, originally spotted by Electrek, but the application did not attract much attention.

Tesla is expanding its trademark to a new category to market electric motors for "non-land vehicles. The document names Tesla as the trademark owner and is signed by Jerome Eady, and the following document was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

The TESLA™ trademark registration is intended to cover the classes of asynchronous motors for non-land vehicles; aircraft motors; electric motors, i.e., synchronous motors not used in land vehicles; permanent magnet motors; marine motors; drive systems having two or more synchronous motors coupled by a clutch to drive a common load; motors for toys; and linear motors.

As of December 31, the application has been accepted and is currently being processed, which is the last update described on the USPTO website.

When contacted by phone by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Eady said he intended to help the company by filing the application proactively after CEO Elon Musk said its Cybertruck could potentially be used as a boat. eady said he had no relationship with Tesla and that the filing was made without the company's knowledge.

Of course, it can take years for patents and trademarks to work their way through the system, and some companies sometimes submit trademarks they don't end up using. Tesla CEO Musk has been considering building an electric airplane, and he's even said he has designs for an eVTOL plane, but he's also been saying that Tesla needs to focus on ground transportation for now. So there is no timeline for when Tesla could implement these designs into current or future products.

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