Tesla engineering headquarters officially located in Silicon Valley

Tesla California Headquarters

Tesla announced Wednesday that it will establish the company's new engineering headquarters in a former Hewlett-Packard building in Silicon Valley. Tesla CEO Musk met with California Gov. Gavin Newsom that day and jointly toured the site of the engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

The unveiling of the base means that Tesla, in addition to its identity as a car company, will take on the role of a technology giant to lead the booming development of new energy and artificial intelligence and other technologies.

The two sides focused on Tesla's efforts to create jobs and expand in California, according to the sources. Tesla will focus on hiring engineers skilled in research and development and artificial intelligence, a plan that will help accelerate the development of self-driving and robotics technologies.

In a media interview, Musk said, "This was the original headquarters of Hewlett-Packard, so I think it's undergone a poetic transition from the founders of Silicon Valley to Tesla, and we're very excited to transform it into our global engineering headquarters. We are a California and Texas-based company."

On stage, Musk said with a smile on his face, "No one used to believe in, or build, electric cars, and now the auto industry has to accept that electric cars are the future. These things that seemed impossible are late, but they are here."

Hewlett-Packard was once the originator of leading the "Silicon Valley startup." It was the success of HP in the "garage" that led to the booming "Silicon Valley".

Tesla is moving its corporate headquarters from California to Austin, Texas in 2021. As for the positioning between Tesla's corporate and engineering headquarters, Musk's latest statement is that the new engineering headquarters is actually a headquarters for Tesla, which is "kind of like a company with dual headquarters.

California Governor Newsom emphasized Tesla's California "heritage" during a meeting with Musk. Newsom said, "One of the things I've always been proud of is that Tesla is a California company."

It is understood that Tesla is currently the largest local manufacturing employer in California, and that the Tesla Fremont plant is by far the largest car manufacturing plant in North America.

It is worth mentioning that the finalization of the site of Tesla's engineering headquarters, the most dramatic point, perhaps Musk's many attacks on California in past years, however, now he has to return to this place where the dream began ......

Tesla moved its headquarters to Texas in 2021, when the company was in a dispute with the local California government over a shutdown order under the 2020 epidemic and the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, which at the time was the only Tesla factory producing electric cars.

Musk lamented when he announced the decision to relocate its headquarters that year that California, with its illustrious history in Silicon Valley, had become too complacent in his view. Musk likened California to a sports team with a long winning streak - "they're becoming complacent, a little smug, and then they can't win anymore."

He noted that California "has been winning for a long time. I think they're getting a little cocky now."

In the early days of the previous New Crown pneumonia pandemic, Musk railed against quarantine orders issued by local officials in California, saying the restrictions violated human rights.

Last year, Tesla also made layoffs in California. The company closed an office in San Mateo, California, and cut about 200 jobs, according to media reports. The office was a home base for the developers of Tesla's advanced driver assistance system, Autopilot.

Tesla is also currently facing regulatory scrutiny from California. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has previously formally charged Tesla with deceptive marketing and advertising campaigns in its driver assistance programs Autopilot and FSD. California's civil rights agency is also suing Tesla, alleging that the company's car assembly plants and other factories in California have been guilty of racist harassment and discrimination against black workers for years.

Meanwhile, district attorneys in several California counties are also "investigating Tesla's waste segregation practices" and whether they violate regulations related to hazardous waste, according to Tesla's latest annual financial filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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