Tesla Electric Pickup Retail Version Confirmed: Delivery In July Next Year

On July 6, the Tesla Club @Tesla Club posted on Twitter that a source who just met with Tesla said the company plans to offer the CyberTruck, an electric pickup truck, for sale next July. however, the source said such an arrangement would be very tight and could come a little later than July.

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Tesla Club added that the news was provided by an engineer on the Model Y production line at the Texas plant, and could learn about some future production plans, so it seems that the news is still quite true.

TOPCARS previously reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed in an interview that the design of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck is complete and that the model will be produced in 2023. He said that the main reason for the multiple jumps is that the company adjusted the functions and features of the Cybertruck to ensure the competitiveness of the product.


Now there are more and more road test pictures and videos about the Cybertruck, so it is clear that this car is not far from mass production. However, it is a pity that the production version of the Tesla electric pickup truck is not as full of science fiction as the first exposure. In order to be legal on the road, the front and sides have been added to the traditional wiper and mirror system, and the fully enclosed wheels have been eliminated. In addition to the angular shell, and ordinary pickup truck has been similar.

According to Musk, Cybertruck pre-production is very expensive, the cost of building a car to millions of dollars, it can be seen that in order to mass production and compressed costs, this new car that has jumped years to do a lot of compromises and adjustments, but the special steering wheel, 4 motors, adjustable air suspension and other advanced features should not be absent.

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