Tesla Cybertruck Motor Annual Capacity Of 750,000 Units, Report Shows


According to teslarati, Tesla is already actively preparing for the Cybertruck to go into production next year, after Elon Musk confirmed that 2023 is the year the Cybertruck will go into production!

Similar to vehicles like the Semi and RoaDSter 2, the Cybertruck has seen several production delays since its release in 2019, but all signs point to it being a real thing this time!

German media outlet TeslaMag is reporting that Tesla has ordered a new system for producing the Cybertruck drive (which can simply be understood as an electric motor) from the German manufacturer. The manufacturer, which broke the story, has been supplying parts and machines for Tesla's Berlin and Shanghai factories.

The machines needed for Cybertruck are being manufactured and are expected to be deployed at Tesla's Texas plant in July 2023, according to the report. The machines will bring about 750,000 motors to Tesla, which is in line with the 250,000-unit capacity target Tesla announced earlier in the year.

According to previous Elon Musk news, the Tesla Cybertruck will have a 4-motor version in addition to the 3-motor version.

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