Tesla confirms 285,000 people have purchased FSD features

Today, in the last two days of 2022, Tesla presented a series of annual events and milestone records. Tesla said that more than 285,000 people in North America have now purchased Full Self-Driving, the fully automated driver-assisted driving feature.

 Tesla FSD complements its Autopilot capabilities with a range of features such as automatic lane change and automatic parking, enabling it to drive, accelerate and brake in lanes without driver intervention.

Although FSD enables vehicles to perform most driving-related tasks on city streets, both FSD and Autopilot are restricted assisted driving and still require driver supervision, although regulatory approval is needed for FSD to be on board.

Judging from the survey results, there are mixed reviews of FSD Beta. Some users like the feature, but many also think it will "make driving more stressful.

Previously, Tesla had never shared its FSD adoption rate. But Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla's goal is to have 1 million people using FSD Beta by the end of 2022, and that doesn't seem to be far off. As for real-world vehicles, at least a million North American models are now hardware ready for FSD, just waiting for users to buy and experience it.

In addition, FSD pricing has increased from a few thousand dollars a few years ago to the current $15,000, which no doubt has also pushed up the threshold for FSD use to some extent.

According to Musk, Tesla wants to provide an updated report to regulators in 2023 to show them that its fully self-driving vehicles are much safer than manual driving. He said the car will be "significantly safer" when FSD mode is turned on than when it is not.

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