Tesla CEO Musk: tesla Ai Day Will Be Held On August 19.

On Tuesday EST, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made another big announcement: Tesla will hold its second "AI Day" on August 19, during which "a lot of cool updates" will be released.

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Over the past few years, Tesla has regularly hosted events each year that center on a specific theme. For example, Tesla unveiled its new 4680 battery at its Battery Day 2020 event and plans to produce its own batteries for the first time.

And last year, Tesla held an "Artificial Intelligence Day" that focused on the company's self-driving program and unveiled its supercomputer Dojo and humanoid robot "Tesla Bot" (now known as Tesla Optimus Optimus).

The second AI day announced by Musk comes a year after the first Tesla AI day in 2021.

Musk did not elaborate on what these "lots of cool updates" were about, but like the first event, Musk said the purpose of the "AI Day" was to allow Tesla to attract new talent.

Musk replied in a tweet, "The purpose of AI Day is to attract great AI/software/chip talent to Tesla."

Foreign media predicted that Tesla is likely to release details at this year's AI Day about the progress of the fully self-driving Beta test, which was initially released in October 2020 and expanded more extensively in October 2021. Musk has recently said that Tesla is aiming to have about 1 million people in the beta by the end of this year.

Tesla has also been working on a new version of its Autopilot chip for its on-board computer, and it is possible that a new version of this chip will be unveiled at the event.

Also likely to be announced at this year's event is news about the progress of the Dojo supercomputer program and humanoid robot that debuted at last year's AI Day.

Of course, given Musk's ability to always surprise us, perhaps he will be able to announce more unexpected new content at this AI Day, which is worth waiting for.

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