Tesla CEO Elon Musk And Australian Actress Natasha Basset Break Up

Australian star Natasha Basset, 28, decided to leave the world's richest man, 51-year-old American businessman Elon Musk, when she learned that Musk's subordinate lover had given birth to his twins, according to a report by the American portal Hollywood LIFE.

Elon Musk

News of the billionaire becoming the father of his ninth and tenth children, this time to Siobhan Zilis, a top Neuralink manager who gave birth to Elon Musk's twins late last year and raised them in secret, surfaced in the media thanks to the exposure of U.S. court documents. Bassett was shocked by the news and decided to part ways with the Tesla chief.

A showbiz source revealed, "Natasha said she learned a lot from Elon and she appreciated their time together. It proved to be a special and incredible period. Natasha wanted to focus on her career. It was her first love. She knew that the next step in life had to be made alone. "The insider also noted, "One day, Bassett will create a family and will definitely have a child. In that sense, she has very traditional views. But right now she's too young and kids aren't in her plans.

Elon Musk

Recall that the romance between Musk and Bassett became public knowledge in February and lasted less than six months in total to come to an end. It is worth noting that Bassett and Musk broke up peacefully and they remain on friendly terms. Moreover, the actress still communicates with the mother of the American businessman.

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