Tesla cars will support scanning for road potholes and automatically adjusting suspension height

July 4 - Tesla confirmed in its latest software update that its vehicles will support scanning for rough roads, such as pothole conditions, and avoiding damage to the vehicle by adjusting the suspension height.

Back in 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla Autopilot will support detecting potholes and making mini-maps to remember and avoid them. In the latest 2022.20 software update, Tesla finally mentioned this feature, according to Electrek. Among the release notes is a new feature for the "Tesla Adaptive Suspension" system: Tesla Adaptive Suspension will adjust ride height for upcoming rough roads. The feature will download rough road map data generated by the Tesla vehicle, and this adjustment may be made in different locations, depending on conditions. Tesla also explained in the update how to activate the feature and that it does not apply to Autopilot or FSD: For comfort, the center screen will indicate when the suspension is up. To enable this feature, click on Control > Suspension > Adaptive Suspension Damping and select Comfort or Auto setting.

As such, this feature will only be available on Tesla vehicles with adaptive suspension, such as the new Model S and Model X.

Electrek says the update also includes a green light beep to prevent driver distraction, which is only available on Tesla vehicles with Hardware 3.0.

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