Tesla Berlin Plant Tesla Model Y Performance Version Delivery Delayed Due To Drive Problem

On June 26th, driveteslacanada discovered that deliveries of the Tesla Model Y Performance from Tesla's Berlin Super Factory have been repeatedly delayed. Some "prospective owners" have reported that their deliveries, scheduled for today or next week, have been cancelled or delayed indefinitely.

Tesla Model Y

The reason for the delayed delivery is that there appears to be a slight problem with the electric SUV drive unit on top of the Tesla Model Y Performance. A previous response claimed that the drive unit issue could be resolved in the form of an OTA online update, but the reality is not as simple as one might think. A Tesla employee has said that the problem is related to the voltage converter on the drive unit, but this part is currently in a state of unavailability.

The drive unit has a fairly important role to play in an electric car, and damage can cause the car to not run properly, such as not starting, or driving slowly. Some media have suggested that this problem also exists on some of the Model Y Performance versions that have been delivered, but there has been no official response to this.

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A Norwegian Tesla Model Y owner says he has just picked up his car less than three weeks ago and is experiencing similar problems, at least for now, and the car is not drivable. Tesla's service advisor responded that they were waiting for the relevant repair parts and hoped to have them by Wednesday, but the owner questioned whether the parts would arrive on time.

The Berlin plant is a recently launched Tesla super factory, mainly used to produce models such as the Tesla Model Y. Perhaps it has only just opened and there are still immaturities in the production line, and there may be some problems with the availability of some parts.

Tesla Model Y

As the world's leading electric car company, Tesla is probably the "opposite" example of a new energy car company, as the quality control of the car is not as stable as expected, and the high-end car of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan can have various problems. In addition, Tesla has one of the highest number of recalled cars in the world.

That said, the Model Y is also one of Tesla's best-selling models at the moment, and sales have been brisk since deliveries began in regions such as Japan and Australia, with some regions having to wait at least six months for delivery. Although not many Model Ys have been delivered from the Berlin factory, Xiao Lei still hopes that Tesla will pay attention to the feedback from owners and solve the problems as soon as possible, so as not to spoil the reputation of a car.

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