Tesla Berlin factory: safety defects cause some vehicles to suspend delivery

Tesla's new factory in Berlin, Germany seems to have bad luck, earlier due to the problem of construction permits factory encountered not a small obstacle, according to overseas media reports, according to Tesla customers (TFF Forum, Drive Tesla) information shows that the current may again due to the Model Y vehicle itself problems, resulting in vehicle delivery can not be smooth, the original delivery of German-made Model Y scheduled for later this month will be delayed delivery.

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About the vehicle delivery and the vehicle itself related problems, there is no official recall or statement, but it is likely and the vehicle drive unit related, it is not clear the specific details, but according to media sources as long as this fault, the vehicle will not be able to drive, it is reported that Tesla's factory in Germany has reached 1,000 units of weekly production Model Y , and is also increasing production to prevent the factory from losing money due to capacity problems, the current impact of this incident on the capacity to improve I'm afraid there will also be some impact.

Tesla Model Y

If the problem is really the vehicle itself, the most important thing for Tesla is to find a solution to replace the faulty parts or update the software, it is not clear how many cars have been delivered to the German factory, but the initial estimate should be in the thousands of cars This problem may affect the factory capacity to improve, because according to the media platform shows that the Model Y Performance version and Long Range AWD two versions have been received by customers delayed delivery information.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also recently said that Tesla's latest car factories in Austin and Berlin are currently "losing billions of dollars", mainly due to the epidemic and other factors that lead to parts supply can not keep up, and factory operation is a huge expense, Musk even used the money melting pot to describe the huge expenses of the factory, the only way to overcome all kinds of difficulties, so that the factory quickly enhance capacity to solve the problem of losses.

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