Tesla Battery Demand Is Strong, Panasonic Set Up The Largest Factory In The US

Panasonic set up the largest factory in the United States
In order to produce Tesla's new 4680 battery cells, Panasonic will invest $4 billion in a new battery plant in Kansas, which will be the world's largest battery factory and create 4,000 jobs in the area.

According to the Nikkei, Panasonic hopes to increase battery production capacity from the current 50GWh per year to 3-4 times in 2028, and will also add two new production lines in Japan's Wakayama factory in 2023, also used to produce Tesla 4680 batteries, this decision alone will require an investment of $580 million.
Tesla 4860 battery
The key factor that led Panasonic to decide to build a battery factory in North America was Tesla's increasing demand for production and the local tax incentives that made Panasonic decide to locate in Kansas. From the previous publication, Tesla's new 4680 battery cells are made through dry electrode and winding technology, which not only improves battery performance, but also reduces the amount of precious metal "cobalt", bringing down the cost and promoting the arrival of affordable electric vehicles.
Tesla 4680 battery
The company's new battery plant was built in Michigan by LG and GM General Motors, and in North America by CATL Ningde Times, which also supplies batteries to BMW and Ford.

Tesla's 4680 battery cells are considered the key to affordable electric vehicles, because the battery can not only improve battery performance but also reduce the amount of precious metal "cobalt" through dry electrodes and winding technology, further reducing costs.

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