Tesla: Australian Sales Growing Fast, Expected To Double By The End Of The Year

According to Reuters, Tesla Chairman Robyn Denholm pointed out on the 19th that the company's EV sales in the Australian market are showing rapid growth, and sales are expected to catch up with the company's home energy storage battery system "Powerwall". Denholm said, "From an energy point of view, Australia is a very unique market. In the Australian market, the number of Tesla's Powerwall installations is higher than the cumulative sales of EVs".

Denholm noted, "I would not be surprised to see Tesla vehicles (cumulative sales) on Australian roads exceed 26,500 units, sales have momentum, and that number (cumulative sales) doubles by the end of the year.

Denholm pointed out that the biggest obstacle to further accelerate the speed of EV sales is the lack of fast charging stations, Australia's fast charging stations.

By the end of the first quarter of this year, Tesla's global cumulative sales volume was 2.5 million units, Australia accounted for about 1% of the overall proportion. In the Australian market, EV accounted for only 2% of new car sales.

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John Murphy is the founder of TOPCARS Tesla Aftermarket Accessories, as well as an investor in Tesla and owner of the Model Y. He posts about Tesla news while running the site on a daily basis.

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