Tesla Again Overturned The Era, Detailed Understanding Of The Tesla Model S

People's pursuit of car performance is so far unlimited, after entering the electric era, the power is getting easier and easier to obtain, and the ordinary pure electric family car may bring the pleasure to the former performance car.

When it comes to electric cars, Tesla is certainly inescapable, and when it comes to high-performance electric cars, Tesla Model S Plaid has to be a car, a few days ago, Tesla announced that the price of the new Model S Plaid will rise by $10,000, and what makes fans and "special fans" disappointed is that the higher performance Model S Plaid Plus version was canceled, Plaaid version became the highest performance Model S.

For the Plaaid version of the Model S, the biggest label is the powerful performance output. 2.1 seconds of 100km acceleration time, 1020 horsepower maximum output, 322km/h top speed, these figures are just climax enough, in order to get such a powerful performance, Tesla installed the new fourth generation power components in this car.

As a flagship high-performance electric vehicle, Model S Plaid version is highly anticipated, for the motor used, in addition to the need for higher power, but also a smaller size and stronger heat dissipation capability, Model S Plaid does do a good job, this motor has the smallest volume ever, at the same time, to meet the requirements of lightweight, but also can be lifted with one hand, in order to solve the small volume The motor also uses a carbon fiber protective cover in order to solve the heat dissipation problem of the motor. Combining 1, 2 and 3 such motors only adds 0.28 Cd to the wind resistance coefficient, and the Model S Plaid reaches a record 152.09 mph in 9.247 seconds, breaking the Bugatti Chairon Sport 2018 record by a quarter of a mile.

At the same time, as a high-performance as the main pure electric car, Model S Plaid has an extremely efficient thermal management system, can quickly take away the heat generated in the continuous high power charging and discharging scenarios, the mask said the new car range of 30 days, the energy used to heat the seat reduced by 50, for consumers the most intuitive feeling is that the car 15 minutes can be supplemented with a range of 187 miles (about 300 km).

Although Model S Plaid has very good performance, it is not a "relentless chest shilling machine", but a Tesla, with an intelligent experience, the new Model S Plaid has a disruptive change in the layout of the interior, but of course for Tesla, the focus is not on the visual aspect, but on the deeper "inner", as can be seen from the almost unchanged exterior design.

First of all, the most striking thing about this interior decoration is not the horizontal mid-control screen like the Model 3, but the Yoke handle, which abolishes the previous stearin oil and brush lever and controls the stearin oil and brush with touch buttons on both sides of the steering wheel, but, compared to the automatic displacement, these are not worth saying.

Tesla government said that if the automatic displacement is on, the personal computer can be based on the parking trajectory and the whole car camera to determine whether it is forward or backward, the driver just need to apply the brakes on it, at the same time, Tesla also showed a "human" side, in the leftmost side of the control screen and the bottom of the wireless charging board also left the manual shift operation mechanism, but, in another way to understand the words, Tesla is not confident enough in their own automatic transmission system, right?

It is worth noting that Tesla's FSD function is all in the visual implementation, in other words, the whole car camera through the "observation" of the surrounding conditions to achieve automatic operation, the car often used millimeter wave radar is not equipped with a lot, according to Tesla's official information, FSD function at the end of 2021 to achieve the L5 level of automatic operation, in the absence of human intervention, the vehicle can be driven at will.

Since it is Tesla, definitely not satisfied with "a car", Tesla brought us this time is able to run the game machine, Model S Plaid equipped with AMD's analyzer APU + RDNA2GPU, providing a rival PS5 10 trillion computing power, in such a powerful hardware support, the Tesla Model S Plaid can be executed in the highest quality "cyberpunk 2077", the screen behind the central armrest is compatible with the handle of wireless games.

In the new Model S Plaid, in addition to performance and intelligence, there is also the keyword of safety. Recently, there seems to be irony regarding the frequent occurrence of "brake failure" in China, but according to the National Highway Safety Administration's database statistics, Tesla ranks in the top 5 of the top 50 models with the lowest probability of injury since 2011, and in addition, the rear body of the new Model S Plaid uses the same one-piece die-casting process as the Model Y, no longer using different parts for joining.

Better performance, smarter car, safer body, Model S Plaid managed to stand on the altar after Plaaid Plus was scrapped. There are many reasons for the scrapping of Playd Plus, first of all, look at the words of the muzzle himself, because the Plaaid version is so powerful that the higher performance Playd Plus version is not needed. This statement obviously leaves a lot of doubts, but the biggest one is the battery pack that is carried on the two different versions of the model.

The difference in performance between the Plaaid version of the Model S and the Plaaid Plus version is indeed greater than the difference in range, the former EPA range of 628 km, the latter EPA range of 840 km, the difference in range, but also must mention the two versions of different batteries.

Tesla released the latest 4680 electrodeless battery with a diameter of 46mm and a length of 80mm at the "Battery Day" last September, which increased the range of the whole car by 16 and increased the power by 6 times compared to the electrodynamic battery.

Since the Plaaid Plus model uses such a new battery pack, the "hard-to-produce" 4680 cells is the biggest speculation about the cancellation of the Plaaid Plus version, and as a result, the masks admit that the 4680 cells are not yet reliable enough to ride, but so far the Playd Plus models have been announced for delivery in 2022, but the "battery hard-to-produce theory" does not seem to be very common.

It is worth noting that the masks have a range of 600 kilometers or more, and do not need to sell longer range versions, as we know from Tesla's official website, not only the Model S model, but also the long range version of the Model 3 has been canceled, and now only the standard range and high performance versions are sold.

Always accused, this is Tesla, curse, as the fastest production car, can indeed be said to be cost-effective performance car, in addition, this car as the flagship model of Tesla now, the greater significance of "subversive era", "the most powerful production car on the surface" title is only subsidiary.



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